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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

now i get it.

contibution places r great if you move up in limits and play shorthanded.

if you play higher yr game better be good or else bonus and rkb wont matter.

is everyone here part of the 5% that actually win playing the game?

sir, why cant you clear bonus and work on game at same time. worked for me and i did get better at plo ,plo hi low.

[/ QUOTE ]

I clear all the bonuses on OnGame at FR PLO micro stakes easily. I play about 35% vpip which is not tight but not donkishly loose either. Basically I play any 4 cards in last 2-3 positions then tight elsewhere.

Bonuses wont help you if you are a habitual losing player, but they do mean the difference often, between just beating the rake and a decent return.

Good bonus whoring is essential for micro stakes players imo, because rake hits us the hardest.
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