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Default Re: Review, Advanced Limit Holdem Strategy (Tanenbaum)

Mason -

I haven't read the book (I have read the other title which Barry edited - wining shorthanded strategies) but flipping through Advanced Limit Holdem Strategy and speaking with others who have read the book the Illusion of Action that Barry discusses is not the same illusion you, Heisenb3rg or myself would assume he is discussing. Barry's Illusion of Action examples were equity raises that were also covered in books like SSHE and HPFAP .

When reviewing Barry's book its best to keep in mind who Barry's coaching students generally are. The Bear is good at opening up the range of weak tight Las Vegas locals as well as helping loose passive types learn when to properly use aggression (assuming the students learn well and absorb the material of course). Advanced Limit Hold'em Strategy seems to be tailored for this audience, the Las Vegas local who is essentially trading water with his or her play.

In short Barry's Illusion of Action seems to be nothing more than proper semi-bluffing from the outside looking in (I reserve the right to be totally wrong of course since I haven't read the book nor do I plan to - I am not the target audience). It seems like a good book for someone who is having troubles with the basics of limit hold'em theory after pre-flop play - aka limit hold'em 102. I think the difference is purely semantics, Barry didn't seem to be advocating overtly loose and agressive play.

I'm looking forward to your opinion of the book.
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