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Default Re: Dating a poker pro- From the perspective of a non-playing girlfriend

My girlfriend keeps a blog on her Myspace page, and in her latest entry she wrote about how she feels about dating someone (me) that makes a living playing poker.

Here's the link to the blog if you want to read it (I told her I'd post it on here),

Anyone got any good stories/advice concerning supportive (or non-supportive) girlfriends/wifes?

[/ QUOTE ]

Very interesting read from the perspective of a girl who plays and a bf that doesn't.

My situation is different because I don't make a living at poker it is more a hobby, but things are hugely different in a situation where it is the girl that plays and the guy doesn't.

Even with poker just being a hobby, I noticed that my bf in no way would tolerate me spending all night up playing. He was annoyed when I spent just two saturdays playing in those long tournaments.

Men I don't think are willing to be as understanding about playing poker as women are with a guy. Especially if the time conflicts with the time they want to spend with you.
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