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Default Re: Bored now. Invent a novel poker variant.

Here's a game I dreamt of playing last night that actually could be a fun game. I'll name it Asspoke, since it is very similar to the game of [censored]. It could be played in two different ways:

1. Each player is dealt a fixed number of cards (I haven't decided the best number), and starting to the left of the dealer, each player plays one card into the middle. Once five cards have been played, play then continues around, but when someone plays a card, they must remove one card from the "hand" in the middle, and replace it with a card from their hand. The replacement they make *must* improve the value of the hand. Play continues until nobody can make a better hand, and the last person to play wins the pot. This can be played either as a limit game with betting rounds after the deal, after the first five cards have been played, and then every time a card is replaced, or it can be played with antes only.

2. The entire deck is dealt out, and play proceeds in the same manner as the first game, except that instead of ending the hand when the best hand is made, the cards in the middle are removed and a new "hand" is begun. Play continues until one person runs out of cards. That person wins the hand. Again, it can be antes only or there can be a round of betting after the deal and each time the cards are removed from the middle.

Sorry if I don't make any sense, I just woke up.
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