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Default Re: Ask mmbt0ne about another poster. Round 2.

BBV hottest male contest


[/ QUOTE ]

Bound to happen sooner or later I guess. At least it's bringing female lurkers out of the woodwork.

1. doubLe a tom
2. VaVa
3. colonel81
4. terp
5. Dan Bright
6. Jay Riall
7. absoludicrous
8. mbillie1
9. orsman
10. rivaliva
11. elandriel
12. bongrips


is Evan dead?

[/ QUOTE ]

He has certainly disappeared. My money's on him engrossing himself in his internet startup. Although, he hasn't updated that blog in some 5 months either, so who knows.

His cell phone is constantly logged in to aim, and I tried to send him a message a couple times but never heard back.

What happened to Roundmound/Statboy?

[/ QUOTE ]

I think he just straight up left. He seemed to be going off the deep end for a while there, so maybe it was better for everyone involved.


Why haven't we ever been made Mods?

[/ QUOTE ]

No idea. Not like we don't have the support of everyone who's awesome. Probably because we won't beg for it.
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