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Default Re: Bored now. Invent a novel poker variant.

From a conversation with 2461Badugi, most of the ideas are his:

"Three's a Crowd" stud variant: if three or more people go to showdown, the high hand wins. If two people go to showdown, the low hand wins.

Idea: Standard poker rankings have the property that if A beats B, and B beats C, then A beats C. "Nontransitive" games like rock-paper-scissors lack this property.

"Roshambo Stud Hi/Lo": Play Stud/8, but at showdown: a straight beats a full house, a flush beats a straight, and a full house beats a flush.

Of course, this only works at all when heads-up. Is there a way to extend nontransitive rankings to multi-way showdowns? Perhaps something a long these lines:

"Cripple Mr. Ace": applied to Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, or Draw. At showdown, deuces outrank aces if both are present in the same type of hand. Thus, if the showdown is 22, AA, and QQ, the deuces win, but if it is 22, 77, and QQ, the queens win. KQJ53-flush beats J9872-flush, but AQJ53-flush loses. A2346-flush beats AKQJ9-flush because the deuce is a higher kicker.
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