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Default Re: deeeeep 50-100, 2 part heads up hand.

someone explain why 3balling the flop is even a good play vs this villian.

[/ QUOTE ]
It can give you more information about his hand. If he 4-balls, yer probably dead, and you found out for cheaper than calling a turn and river, which if the board bricks off, you pretty much have to do.

Not saying it's the best play, but showing why it can have merit.

That said, I haven't read to second part yet, but it seems like you caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. I'd probably bet and reassess if he raises again, as you have mentioned he can't have had an ace on flop and now picked up FD. Probably a fold if he does raise again given your read on him.

EDIT: I've now read the rest, and while I hate to let people off with a weak ace here, betting like 4500 and folding to a shove is supremely crappy, but if you bet anywhere near pot and he raises you, pretty much both options suck. That said, from your read I probably milk him for the 4500 on river, then cry and fold if he raises me, as I can't imagine for the life of me a guy with this image is going to piss away ~23k trying to shove off an obvious ace, and wouldn't be at all surprised had he backed into a flush with a flop bluff. I'm guessing since you posted this, this hand is more interesting than a standard bet/called/kicked his ace or bet/folded, but trying not to look at it like that.
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