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Default Re: Bryce is \"In the Well\"

Did you tilt vs. schnibl0r when you played him a few days ago?

In the Classroom 108 you give us a brief glimpse into solving hands w/ PokerStove). How many different cases did you do before you had a general sense of how to approach each flop given your holding? Also, are you going to continue this particular aspect of the classroom? It seems vital in improving one's game.

Imagine you are in a game where your opponent is raising at every opportunity preflop, bet/calling every flop, calling or raising the turn, and folding the river 60% he does not have the betting lead, calling 25% of the time with a pair, and bluff-raising 15% of the time. How does this affect your PF hand range, and what postflop look like?

What factors into finding:
1) optimal re-bluffing % on a dry board (e.g. J44r)
2) whether or not to free SD on the turn

How many hands did it take for you see your edge vs. a player in your:
1) 5/10 to 30/60 days
2) 50/100 to 200/400 days
3) current games
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