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Default Re: Limit Holdem: Following other cold callers.

Depending on the game and which players are entering the pot I consider pp and Axs, Kxs, etc. In other words, I'm looking for hands that have a higher chance of flopping big in situations where I will get paid when I hit.

Since, I play short-handed games online these situations are very rare. I usually find myself in these situations in loose mid-limit live games like the Foxwoods 20 game.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's a start. But a hand like Kx suited, like small pairs, is going to need lots of callers in order to be profitable for two bets. I'm wondering about some of the stronger suited hands, like AJs, ATs, and KQs. Do these get the right price when only one person has called the raise? And if there are two callers, do hands like A9s,A8s, and KJs become playable for two bets?

In very loose games where several have cold called I always play these hands, of course.
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