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Default Hurry! Refer a friend in November, get 300 SavvyPoints!

For the month of November, we are offering a special bonus to our members who refer their friends to PokerSavvy. If you refer a friend and they finish a poker bonus, you will receive 300 extra SavvyPoints, and that's on top of the refer-a-friend bonus you would already be getting! So if you send us a player, and they complete a bonus at Mansion, that is 390 SavvyPoints for you!

This promotion is open to all PokerSavvy members. For a referred friend to qualify, they must open a new PokerSavvy account between 11/1/06 and 11/30/06. The referred friend must be linked to your PokerSavvy account using our friend referral system, either by entering your PokerSavvy name in the "Referred by" field in the PokerSavvy account registration form when they create their PokerSavvy account, or by signing-up using your personal referral link, which can be found near the bottom of your MyPokerSavvy Page. To receive the 300 SavvyPoints bonus, your referred friend must complete one SavvyPoints bonus between 11/1/06 and 11/30/06. You are only eligible for one bonus per referred player, and can refer as many players as you like. Bonus SavvyPoints will be calculated and added to your PokerSavvy account on 12/10/06.
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