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Default Re: AJ in the SB during FT

bvb with a strong ace and an ace hits, you're just trying to get your chips in the middle. I'd check if I think bb will bet (and you said you felt bb was being a bully before) so I might crai. Of course the risk is bb checking behind and seeing a heart on the turn. I'd lead the flop if I wasn't sure enough that bb bets. Bet/folding to a raise would be horrible, check/folding would be bad also (unless you have a super user account and can see that villain flopped 2 pair).

AJ in bvb is a big hand and you flopped your ace, you can't do anything but try and get all your chips in.

Anyways the hand was pretty straight forward, and aside from being outflopped, the hand played how I would've wanted it to.
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