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Default Don\'t Be Such a Drama Queen

As a Lebanese American, I am completely sickened by Israel. Just sickened. Destorying an entire country because of 2 soldiers.
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Don't be such a drama queen. If Israeli wanted to destoy Lebanon then Lebanon would be a radioactive wasteland and terrorist free.

Ban me if you want. [censored] Israel and their terrorism against the Lebanese. I hope the entire Arab world fights back against these digsuting terrorists.
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Terrorism is the act of INTENTIONALLY targeting non-combatents. The Arabs are infamous for INTENTIONALLY targeting civilians....AND....taking credit for these attacks. Since Arab terrorists don't wear uniforms and use civilians as human shields, Israel has a more difficult time in finding the terrorists and killing them while minimizing civilan casualties. Israeli is allowed to make an occasional mistake.

The Pew International studies have shown that a sickening number of the Arab population supports INTENTIONALLY targeting civilians. Israeli does not have a problem with their people being terrorists......but the Arab world does. I have ZERO sympathy for the "Arab World". You reap what you sow. Perhaps if Arab enemies would learn to fight like men instead of cowards then people would be more sympathetic. Funny how the Koran promises 72 virgins to muslims who die when they fight infidels but when the bullets start flying most run away. Could they have doubts about getting their 72 virgins?
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