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What exactly was the war crime? A rocket luanching position is a valid military target. Hezzbolla was using this position to attempt to kill and wound Isreali civilians. Those Lebonese civilians killed, occupied a position they knew was going to be bombed. In fact the Isrealis dropped leaflets telling those people to leave. I'd like to know why these people did not leave before I start assigning blame.


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There is a reason that war crimes trials tend to last very long. They are allowed to attack the rocket launchers. They are however also responsible for attempting to spear civilians. Then you can start to discuss what knowledge they had, what knowledge they should have gathered. Then who gave the order and who should potentially not have executed it. Then what part of it was intent, and what could be seen as a crime even without intent. There is not many who can give a clear cut answer. I assume however that Israel took efforts to prevent civilian damage for political or other reasons, but was it sufficient? Was it sufficient at all levels? Only a few persons probably know.
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