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Default IDF Releases Video Showing Rocket Fire from

.....behind the building.

Israel released a classfied video from one of their hidden FOs (foward observers) showing that they were targeting terrorists firing rockets from behind a buiding. Fox News has been playing the video over-and-over agin today. There are some interesting conclusions from this video.
1. Normally the IDF does not release videos would give away the observation positions of their FOs but they evidently feel the PR (public relation) hit they took outweighs the need to protect their FOs and are trying to show the world they were trying to hit military target.

2. The video is a thermal video where the heat from the rockets shows up as black balls flying into the air.

3. The rockets are leaving the ground at a 45 degree angle which means the terrorists are firing the K-rockets to their maximum range of 15 miles. Because of the Israeli buffer zone, the terrorist scum are forced to fired at maximum range and can only hit Northern Israel.

Because of Israeli FOs in enemy terriotory and anti-artillary radar, the Hezbollah scum are employing a shoot-and-scoot strategy. Fire off several salvos, pack-up and run. Evidently the Israelis jets arrived too late to kill the terrorists. Israeli needs to keep doing what they are doing.

I find it curious the media plays "civilian deaths" of the Lebanese over-and-over again but they barely cover the Israeli deaths from 1500+ rockets landing in Israeli population centers.
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