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I take it none of you people saw the videos of missiles being shot out of that building in Qana. Seriously people, its almost like this was planned to trap the Israelis.

[/ QUOTE ]

[/ QUOTE ]

Had we known there were that many civilians inside, especially women and children, we certainly would not have attacked it," the commander told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Asked how Israel's intelligence services could know about missile launches from Qana but not about the presence of dozens of civilians, the commander said: "We are capable of detecting missile launches because they are very dynamic."

By contrast, he said the civilians appeared to have been holed up in the building for days, and were therefore almost impossible for aerial surveillance systems to discern.

According to the officer, Hizbollah launched scores of missiles from Qana into Israel, including one that hit a hospital. He said several of the launched took place within a few dozens metres (yards) of the house that was bombed.
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