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Default Re: PSA: One line answers


I am glad that my post has generated this discussion because I think that it is important.

Basically, I view the forum as a learning tool where we sit down and discuss things that none of us really know the true best answer to. Whats more, we often find that there are NO right answers to our questions, just good logic. So in this way, someone saying "call" may just be acting on feel, or impulse, or whatever.

But think about it this way. If you were discussing a hand with a friend, face to face, and he says "so what should I do on this flop?" and you say "call" - he's not just going to say "oh...ok" he's going to say "why?" Thats the reason we post hands, because of that "why". If I was sure every action I made was correct just because I felt it, why bother posting it here? I don't want you to tell me what YOU "feel" in one word about the hand, I want you to explain why you would take a certain action, as opposed to another one.

Thats why we have this forum, to expose ourselves to different thought processes and approaches so that we can modify and maybe improve our own. "Call" tells me NOTHING. All that tells me is that you want to call. Why? Just because you felt like it? Because you don't know what to do otherwise? Because you are a calling station? Thats what fish do. They take actions because they have no idea what to do otherwise, and they can't back their plays up with any kind of logic.

Have you ever asked a fish why they made a boneheaded play? I have. I bet pot on three streets into a guy who backdoored a flush, at the Gutshot in London. He called with no pair no draw on the flop. When I asked him why he called on the flop, he shrugged. "I dunno". Thats a classic fish right there - no idea why he called. When you give a one line answer, thats how it comes across - it makes it look like you are shrugging and saying you dont know.

This is 2p2. Every single one of you is here, in this forum, because you want to improve your game. That is simply not going to happen unless you put some minimal effort into the replies you give on this board. I'm not talking about writing essays, I'm talking about answering the "because". Justify your actions. Some of you may think I am over-reacting, but whats the point of having a board with the reputation of being the foremost authority on poker instruction if you cant learn anything from its members?

you better make sure you moderate this properly. a lot of (my) one line answers come from the flow of the thread.

[/ QUOTE ]

Clearly, this is fine, and I think we are all able to distinguish between what constitutes outright laziness, and what is part of a colloquial discussion of a hand. I'm not a grammar nazi, I'm here to supervise the quality of the responses to threads and keep the noise to a minimum.

You all know what I'm talking about.