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Default Re: Should I jam flop harder

Hi Chucky - Since I messed with your post, I'll at least try to give you an answer.

Trouble is, you know more about how to play this game than I do.

But I am familiar with playing top two pairs in Omaha-8 situations where low does not come into consideration.

I think taking a stab at the pot after the flop is fine, but then you get two callers and basically miss on the turn. And it should be obvious to your opponents, both of whom have you out-stacked, that the turn was a miss for you.

Your two opponents who called could both be on good draws or have sets or both. And if so, they're going to call another bet by you. Meanwhile you only have four outs. (You can't count aces as outs because there's a fair chance one of these opponents is holding KQJT).

I admire your guts, but I'd make the more prudent play of checking behind your two opponents.

Just my humble opinion. Sorry about disabling your URL, but I'm pretty much going to routinely do that, especially when someone notifies me that I should look at a post.


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