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Default Re: Aggressive bankroll management

When you start playing it is more likely that the correct determinant for when you can move up is your relative skill level (or edge) than some sort of strict BR multiplier.

I think when you start you should think about moving up once you can show 10k hands at a profit of 5PTBB/100 or better (having checked using PokerEv that this isn't just a good run).

For example at the $10 tables this would be a profit of $100. Assuming you had 20 buy-ins ($200) when you started, your roll would now be $300 + some RB/bonuses and that might be an OK time to take at shot at the $25's, dropping back if you lost the $100...

In general though I think it pays to take your time and use a conservative BR management strategy (say 40 buy-ins) when moving up - the more mistakes you eradicate when it's cheap the less are left to make when it costs you more - it's just too easy to outrun your skill level and end up playing with scared money and with too much ego to go down.

Many is the player who has moved up early (aggressively), run good and so developed a sense of entitlements that the level they are playing at is their correct level when they are wrong. But they are too stubborn to move down and add tilt to playing under-rolled and over their heads.

Use PokerEv to double check your win/loss rates - proceed on the basis that the corrected rate is your actual rate and you won't kid yourself about your skill level - this is very important..
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