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Default Re: December\'s \"You\'ll Shoot Your Eye Out\" NC Chat thread

Thanks a lot guys.

I am torn for a ton of reasons, and I am a total wreck right now. Can't play poker, can't eat. I just thought of a bunch of long soliloques. They were probably the most inspired things I have created in a long time.

I feel the urge to cry, It is not about her, as it is about other things, but she is a manifestation of the myriad failures that I have had over my lifetime.

I don't know, I suppose I am needy, it is something to reflect on later when I am not such a basket case. I am going to go ahead and send her what Blarg wrote. I don't care if she doesn't want to read it. It is selfish of me to say that it is for me to feel better, but that is that.
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