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Default Re: Stick it to The Man, or, Tales of Effeduppery


When I mentioned in OOT under a thread trolling for potential good topics something on the order of Work products and services I have sabotaged, El D, a clever fellow who once called me his favorite poster but whom I have since regrettably drifted apart from due to board politics, immediately posted his high level of interest in my starting that thread.

[/ QUOTE ]

I remember this post! I was like WHAT? Blarg has sabotaged his office products?? [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] LOL.

When I first saw your thread, Blarg, the VERY first person I thought of was Dominic. His exit from OOT was sort of classic and to this day it makes me smile. Fight the man Dom! Not that I would recommend it or anything. I have no problem with OOT.

I have my own story where I tried to stick it to the man but it makes me wince to think back on it. It's not one of those memories that I'm very proud of but hey, you push a girl's buttons so many times and she will eventually quit.
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