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Default Re: Stick it to The Man, or, Tales of Effeduppery

Okay, I'll try my hand at ONE... Got a few but it might take a little for me to remember them. *see my location*

I worked for a Career Counseling firm. Small office, about 11 employees. I have nothing good to say about the company. They stole money from people who were desperate to find a job. Most of the clientele had been unemployed for atleast 6 months before they would come to us. Poor guys, hope the lawsuit goes their way.

Anywho, the 1st year I was there, I asked for Xmas Eve & the day after Xmas off for traveling purposes. I got no answer for about a month. Finally when I did get an answer, they told me that I could only have xmas eve off and that was that. They NEEDED someone there to cover the front & phones. WTF, HIRE A TEMP!!!!!!!

Unfortunate for me, family issues arise during the holidays and my mom is in the hospital xmas morning. I still managed drive 400 miles to be at work the next day and tell every single one of them exactly what happened the night before. FU BHA!

7 months go by of working in this hell hole and I submit my request for holiday time off EARLY! About 2 months go by and I get my answer... "you can have xmas eve off, but that's it, we need someone to greet & cover phones." Alllllrighty! That was the first day in a long time I was smiling at work. [img]/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

2 weeks before I would be leaving to go home for xmas, I submitted my 2 week notice. FIND SOMEONE TO GREET & COVER PHONES NOW YOU PRICKS!!!!

I screwed over my boss, the receptionist, & the bitchy HR person who didn't do anything but shop online (she is bffs with the CEO, she got that job because he CREATED IT FOR HER).

-The end-

Hope it wasn't too long.
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