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Default Re: 2-7 KC lowball tips?


I miss the weekly GamesGrid KCL tournament.

IMO the SS1 chapter may be a bit too tight for tournament play and doesn't give a lot of specific advice. You will need to make adjustments for shorter stacks. Rougher 9's, draws to a 9, and pat T's become playable. It may also depend on what the ante size is.

How your opponents play matters a great deal. It is hard to get a hand you feel good about, so against some players you can profitably raise any five cards on the button. Other players will happily call a big raise and draw two. (They will either go broke quickly or put the entire table on tilt.)

Study up on your game theory for post-draw bluffing/bluff-catching. And remember the Gap Concept; you really have to have a quality hand to be the third person into a pot.

[/ QUOTE ]

Most of the people playing this tourney will have very little or no experience with 2-7 although quite a few are experienced O8 players so they may believe they can apply some of the same concepts. Would you recommend I play the early rounds very tight in early position but be willing to make big bluffs in late position? What about the optimal times to bet? Is the idea to keep the pot small before the draw? Also, when we get later in the tourney I'll need to open up my play. Are there any guidelines for trying to pick off small stacks in this game? Just push them preflop with pat J maybe? Or is that too tight even? I don't have the blind/ante structure yet and I expect we'll get about 24 players - so 8 per table.

Also, since it's a one draw game should I be on the lookout for people who draw 3 or more cards and pick them off with a bluff? I have a feeling I'm going to see quite a bit of 3+ draws at the event.
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