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Default 5CD: Embarrassing Confession

In the BBV forum, people get to mouth off about all their wonderful plays or cry about how unlucky they were, I just want to admit to something that leaves me a little embarrassed. I hope you will add your own confessions as well. I play limit $1/$2 draw fivehanded at Paradise Poker. Well, I used to. The fish are swimming in other waters and my winrate fell to an alarming 1.1 bb over 55K hands. So, I jumped ship. However, I want to tell a couple of stories. At Paradise Poker, which is a skin or gateway or whatever it is called of they have a heads up no limit to the number of raises rule in their limit games. The biggest pot I have won at $1/$2 is $99 heads up, but allow me to recount two occasions on which I lost, I put up so much action with two full houses that on one occasion four jacks stopped raising and on another four twos stopped raising. Biggest pot lost at $1/$2 draw is $66. To put the fear of God into someone with four jacks must make me a real scary guy (though I think he stopped because it recouped everything he had lost up to that point if he won).

Please do not mistake this for a bad beat post. These events transpired some time ago. They are interesting in that four of a kind should stop betting!
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