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Default Re: Eli Elezra...the worst high stakes player ever?

He's not the best among the big game players but he can definitely hold his own and crush a 400/800 game. I've played in the big game with him once, he overbets in nl and his stud 8 is lacking.

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forgive me for not believing a word of this coming from someone who posted a thread with this

There's a local 1/2 NL game and buyin is from $60-$300. I usually sit down with $100 and play as follows:

From any position i'll limp in with a pair and try to flop a set. If it's raised (standard raise is from $10-$15), i'll fold unless I have 88 or better. I just want to flop a set because i'll usually get paid off.

In late position i'll limp with suited connectors.

I raise from any position with AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQ. Sometimes from SB or BB depending how many people in the pot I will just call with AQ.

For the most part I play TAG, and I almost never bluff.

I've been doing pretty good in the game, but is there anything I can do to improve?

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