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Default Interesting fold by a pretty solid player on Stars

I was recently fairly deep in a $10 NLHE event on stars when this very interesting scenario unfolded. A notable player on stars, ~US&CO~, was UTG and made a standard 3xbb raise. He had been playing fairly tight at the time and had a middle of the pack stack like myself at the moment. We had played each other previously he had seen I was TAG. After his raise UTG I made a mini-reraise by hitting the raise button on accident instead of the fold button with rags. It folds around back to ~US&CO~ and he thinks for a moment and shockingly folds. I see this kind of mini-reraise by people with premium hands like QQ,KK,AA and perhaps he put me on that. My questions are
1)does this kind of move have a name if its considered a bluff?
2)Is this an effective weapon and if it is I would assume it should only be used against very observant weak/tight players?
3)Has anyone ever used this move on purpose, unlike my scenario?

PS:Any other thoughts would be welcome as well
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