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Default Re: ***yankees official offseason thread*****

You wouldn't trade two league average players for the best pitcher in a league which is dominated by pitching?

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I don't know why I'm discussing this with you. But Hughes/Melky are essentially playing for almost free. Both are worth big contracts on the open market.

You're trading a ton of cost controlled years of MLB average players who could develop into star level talent for... the right to a pay a premium to the best pitcher in baseball? And aren't these contracts given to premium pitchers almost all huge flops? Have young pitchers not shown dominance (Verlander, Liriano, King Felix, Joba, Carmona etc etc)?


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yeah your points are very valid

though Santana>>>>> guys like Hampton, Zito

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I don't think you can assume Hughes/Melky/Kennedy/and even Joba will ever be as dominant as Santana has been and will most likely continue to be.

In truth the way Yankees spend...the size of the contract doesn't really matter given we'll just waste that money by overpaying for some other Free Agent who isn't worth anything close to it compared to Santana.

If you knew with certainty that Santana will make it to free agency then u wait...but that is highly highly unlikely.

So u make the trade. Melky/Hughes/+ another prospect we don't really care about.

I can live with (hopefully)

and a trio of Santana + Kennedy + Joba for the next 5 years.
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