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Default Re: How about a sticky for Mason\'s reviews?

People have asked for this before but Mason has always said he didn't want to do this.

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This is pretty much a true statement. Check out this link for more information regarding this topic.

Recently, I've made some comments in a few other random threads about the possibility of a sticky. It's something I'm looking deeper in to. Probably won't have anything new on this for a least a couple weeks.

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thanks deacsoft,

Sorry, I didn't realize I was re-opening a can of worms again.
My only point is this: What is the point of writing book reviews if it is not readily accessible to the readers??
Mason obviously writes reviews to help us:
a) make decision on which books are worth buying and
b) help us be aware of how useful/correct/applicable certain books are if we have chosen to study them

I buy a lot of poker books (not just Twoplustwo but a lot of others as well) and I really find Mason's review helpful and I just feel that we defeat the whole point of making them accessible if we can never find them.

There are scores of other authors that rate Two Plus Two books and their reviews are always easily accessible (i.e. Slotboom and Hilger come to mind). I really believe that everyone reviewed each other's books, everyone would be better off for it.
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