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Default Re: Best Sites for FullRing-PLO

Don't play FR as it's the best hand against the best draw and they are even odds. Mansion is Ongame and the first impression is no-like the software but it's a false impression, and one can drop any Ongame skin to Mansion software. Ongame is though not very popular as far as PLO goes, but it's a casino site and currently not open to US players. An additional place is Boss network but some sites have sticky cards for the fish so one should try many and get a rakeback there (TGF Poker may be good and perhaps Fortune poker), good sh games too some of the time. But again, it's not very popular. Fulltilt is rigged and Stars gets rigged later, and one would be crazy to play UB and Absolute is their's these days. Party is tight if it even has enough PLO these days, and I once played there one or two hours and didn't win any coin flips so it might be rigged, though they only never gave bonuses really but rigged it during the bonus play, but at limit holdem sh I won there as many did for 10Ks of hands, but that might be it and it rates to get rigged later, but it's very tight these days, no good games. Party also had years ago suddenly loose high limit PLO games that are not possible, so they must have been using bots then. iPoker is under my suspect, e.g. Carlos Poker seemed rigged, and I don't trust CD Poker and noIQPoker and they had some trojan warning when uninstalling the softwares, but I haven't tested them but they are not big and they are tight.
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