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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

sorry bobo but u specialize where there is less players than where op, this and i hang out.

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Not sure what you mean by less players, but yes I play a different game than the three of you. Not sure any more how I let myself get involved in this debate. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

still it doesnt matterwhat game or limits one plays, dealt method will result in faster clearing and thus more money in yr pocket.

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I'm really trying not to be a nit, but I just can't let this go unchallenged. As you gave stated it, this is simply not true.

If two sites offered exactly the same bonus terms, except that one required a contribution to the pot for you to get any points, then of course players with a reasonable VPIP would be better with the dealt bonus. However, this is not what's happening. OnGame has better bonus clearing terms than most sites, but this is mitigated somewhat by the fact it is a contributed bonus. Therefore, for some players, the bonus is not as good. Let me assure you once again that for FR SH players, it is the best recurring bonus I have found outside of Crypto.
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