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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

I can see a comparison between Crypto and the 9x Ongame bonuses, but the 5x/6x, I don't see how Crypto beats that. I'm basing that off Crypto being the same as Everest system. Am I right that it's 16.67x dealt?

@BKK, Which bonuses are you having trouble clearing at OnGame?

[/ QUOTE ]
BW shows it as 14.28x. Most Cryptos are 5x, which is why they crush Everest, and are even better than OnGame at many limits. Cryptos aren't quite as good at the micros, since you either get 0.25 MPPs (for $0.25 rake) or 1 MPP (for $1 rake), nothing in between.
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