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Default Re: Bellagio Five Diamond Thread

Trip is going great thus far, had a nonstop from Tulsa to vegas then I get detained for having over 30k in my backpack...

[/ QUOTE ]

wtf, I am bringing far more than this, should I account for the delay or did you do something retarded?

[/ QUOTE ]

You're allowed to carry any amount of cash without declaring it in the continental US, so you're not doing anything wrong. If they question you, just be honest that you're going to play in a series of poker tournaments in Vegas and they should let you go on your way immediately.

Often when you buy a ticket or change your ticket immediately before your flight they'll put on the list for special screening. The times it's happened to me it's after I changed my flight after busting from the main event of some tourney and I've had no cash to carry back with me. [img]/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]

I'm flying to Vegas tonight, staying at the Bellagio, playing the $1500 tomorrow, see everyone there.
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