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Default Re: Mountaineer trip report

Hahaha, oh god, I love taking her money. She played in a bunch of fire hall games around Pittsburgh, and typically went away loser. She's not a horrible player.

My best story is her sitting down and requesting MY seat at a 1/2NL game that was getting started, and saying she HAD to have seat 6 because she had a bad knee and it was the only seat that she could sit in without having tons of pain.

She's someone I take real pride and joy in taking money from. And you are right - if she hits top pair on the flop, and you are lucky enough to have two pair or a set, you are getting all of her money, because she is unable to get away from hands.

The thing is, she does OK in cash games because so many people want to bury her that they try to run her over.
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