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Tom 'durrrr' Dwan had the whole room talking with his bluff against Arthur Azen. Dwan raised to 8,000 and Azen reraised to 30,000. Dwan moved all in for an additional 133,600 more and Azen went into the tank. Eventually he asked, "You have 7-4 again?" When he didn€™t get an answer he said, "It's probably not much better." After a few more minutes of contemplating, Azen mucked his JJ face up. Dwan turned over 74 and Alex Jacob, who had been quiet and motionless the entire time, suddenly jumped from his seat. Dwan gave a mischievous smile as the dealer pushed him the pot, but his confrontations with Azen were far from over. Over the course of the next three hours Dwan would take over 250,000 from Azen with some bluffs and a well-timed flush.
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