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Default Official argue about all things Barry Bonds GOAT thread

For those that didn't catch Bonds on MSNBC, here are excerpts directly from the transcript, in the context of the interviewer's question.

Obviously, in the articles on ESPN/CNNSI, they only include snippets they wanted.......But what really amazes me, is in their stories on the interview, they <u>completely left out</u> any mention of Bonds responses to the questions regarding whether or not he unfairly broke the record, and his response to the myth that he said he "never knowingly took steroids."

You'd think those responses to those specific questions would be extremely relevant to the allegations being made in the media over the past 4 years.....but apparently the major sports media outlets didn't want his responses to those questions included in their stories.

Imagine that.


<u>GRAY:</u> And to those who believe that you have unfairly obtained this record through the use of performance enhancing drugs, what would your response to them be?

<u>BONDS:</u> Thatís not true and itís not right and itís not fair to me. Itís not fair to me, itís not true. Itís not fair.

<u>GRAY:</u> Do you think in some ways you are taking the brunt and youíre being unfairly singled out for the entire industry and the problems they have had?

<u>BONDS:</u> I truly believe I have been singled out definitely, 100%.

[/ QUOTE ]


<u>GRAY:</u> In light of the fact that you have said on numerous occasions that you have never knowingly used steroids. How do you explain that you got better with time, when father time seems to catch up with everyone, and peoplesí careers go down with age, your production levels increased.

<u>BONDS:</u> Hank Aaronís production increased as he got older, Alex Rodriguezí productions increasing as heís getting older, and mine ainít really gone down yet. Think about it. I donít think itís fair to say that I made any statements that, one that is in the courts that is not, that youíre not exactly reading the whole entire statement, I donít think itís fair to make that statement, youíre saying something that I have said that I know that I have not said.

<u>GRAY:</u> And that would be knowingly.

<u>BONDS:</u> Unknowingly, ha, itís not even in my vocabulary

<u>GRAY:</u> Let me just say it so that everybody knows it, the knowingly comes from what has been reportedly leaked of the grand jury testimony.

<u>BONDS:</u> Thatís not even in my vocabulary. I just donít think itís fair.

[/ QUOTE ]

See the part where Bonds explains that "you're not exactly reading the whole statment" and "you're saying something I have not said".

Where have we heard that before? [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

And the part about Hank's production increasing with age....where have we seen that before? [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

And, imagine the surprise when the transcripts are finally unsealed, and we learn that all along, the leaked version was indeed, "not to be viewed as factual".

Do you think those in the media who ran with the "leaked version" will issue retractions?

Or is this possibly why they don't want to include this response in their versions of the story about his interview.....selectively leaving it out because it contradicts their previous accounts of the transcripts?

Especially considering the clock is ticking on the statute of limitations, and the transcripts won't stay sealed forever.



<u>GRAY:</u> But itís the image and the perception and you know youíre going to have to deal with that.

<u>BONDS:</u> Yes, my image isnít the best of all times, I believe itís like Ali would say, mine isnít the best of all times, his was the best of all times, but that was my downfall Jim, I didnít want that lifestyle, I wanted to go to work, and I wanted to go home and I wanted to be with my friends.

[/ QUOTE ]

Couldn't have said it better myself, Big Daddy.

He wanted to play ball, and spend time with his friends and family.

He didn't want to be anyone's role model, it's not his job to raise your kids, nor did he want to peddle you soft drinks and tennis shoes by being someone's corporate logo house negro, and he didn't feel the need to kiss anybody's ass to earn his keep.

He did that with his bat, and he did it on the field.

And apparently, that bothers some people.

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