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This is a simple range/equity question. I'm going to assume this game is not overly aggressive. Go through every opponent who has VPIP and you will find you are behind.

unknown UTG (tonyspain) - 85% chance of two pair or better, 15% AA. That's if we assume he even plays AA upfront, many do not. You are ahead of approx 63% of his range.

unknown hijack (ChesterKid) - A rough range may be Qs up or better ? If we agree on that you are behind approx 80% of this.

KNOWN opponent :P (ROLLEDDD) - I'm giving him a very precise range, 222-TTT excluding the unlikely 444 and 999 because you have these ranks in your hand. This is a mistake not capping this but that's for another thread.

You are being offered 4.7 to 1 which is just not enough.
The following are factors to consider for this particular hand and those similar:

1) Odds to make KKK or better, yes Ks up must be broken. Around 7.75 to 1.

2) Implied odds, which aren't even great at a fairly passive 5/10.

3) Opponents odds to improve to a hand even bigger than KKK
-UTG : AAA (7.75 to 1) or boat (11.5 to 1)
-Hij : boat (11.5 to 1)
-Btn : trips, ROLLEDDD will draw 2 (9 to 1?)

I want at least 7.5 to 1 to play this. You won't even get a lot of value out of KKK either if you make it, anytime more one than one bet is put in post draw by your opponent post there's a decent chance you will be behind.
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