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Default Re: 5CD: Embarrassing Confession

Hmm I'll have to spend time thinking about some memorable and/or embarrassing hands. As far as bloating pots go there have been many. On Celeb Poker I had three pots at 20/40 Euro (25/50 US) go 9+ bets post draw heads up and I didn't even play at the site long. The biggest was 11 bets and that was my straight flush which I made after being open ended pre-draw versus aces full. The bummer of it was that my opponent was out of money and would've kept going.

The worst beat I've given in the game dealt was AAAxx vs KKxxx, both improved to quads in a 3/6 fixed game.

The worst beat I've taken might be dealt QQQ33 in 10/20 PL, opponent had 555xx and improved to quads for just under a $5k pot.

30/60 HU hand recently, I raise button AKxxx, he 3 bets, I call, he draws 1, I draw 3 and don't improve, he checks, I bet, he raises, I call and win. I have won and lost several pots like this, embarrassing at times.

I have seen all kinds of things in this game from bluff caps post draw to someone standing pat on king high getting called and being good.
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