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Default Re: Losing with AKo...

I've had KK be a loser over 7k happens
It looks like you're fairly new , but you may have lurked awhile. I hope you have read about bonus/rb/ etc...that is where most of your BR will come from at the small stakes. Also, it looks like you may have checked out your stats , but realize a 22-28/15-20 style still works at the lower limits and leave the lag/tag style for when your comfortable with your game and have moved up to higher stakes......You may already know all this but wanted to add something besides...yeah I have ran bad with quality hands before...

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks for the added info.
It seems I'm a bit to LAGgy, I have 32/22 over above mentioned 6K hands (avarage nr of players 5.24). I'm not sure about where to cut down though, maybe the marginal 3-betting from the blinds OOP. I have to better bonuswhoring/playing with rakeback, good thing you reminded m. Is it then smart to wait playing at Stars until I reach say 5/T?
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