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Default Re: Online bankroll management

Thanks for your input on this. I interpreted it to mean you would buy in to a game of NL and put 10% of your stake on the table as your buy in. If you lost it, you would next put 10% of your remaining 90% on the table as your next buy in and so on.

The difficulty with the formula in my view is that you must estimate your "edge", as he defined it, to determine your optimum bets. I have no idea how you would do that at poker. Perhaps BBs per hundred hands. But lets say that you win 8 BB per hundred hands, now how would you use that information to determine your buy in amount, and your subsequent bet sizes while sitting at the table.

Perhaps, assuming AA dealt to you, and using Poker Stove to determine your chances of winning with 2 callers, and assuming poker stove says 45% chance of winning, you would want to put no more than 45% of your stack in the pot.

With 10,9 suited and a 8% chance of winning, no more than 8% of your buy in would go in to the pot.

I am only theorizing here, and would appreciate any input from those much more mathematically able.
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