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Default Re: Horrible Time Pot Rule at Commerce

For everyone who thinks this is unfair, would you feel it's unfair if UTG had won the pot and paid everyone's time for the next half hour then left? I don't think everyone is going to toss him $12 just because he's leaving. This is just the price you pay for using time pots.

If you want the money back when he leaves instead of giving it to him, then he should have the right to win the pot, leave, and demand everyone pay him $12 for the time he just paid for them. Either he's involved in the time pot...and any time paid "on his behalf" belongs to him, or he's not.

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Your point is valid only in a theoretical sense. Sure if the player had won the pot he would be liable for time, however you have to believe that the player was actually going to to play the hand to believe that he could have been liable for the whole collection. In fact this rule encourages a player who was about to get up and leave, to take a hand merely for the opportunity to fold it and get paid $12. That is the player could not have been liable for the time collection because there was no chance that he would win the pot.
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