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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

at 2-4.

to get 60 points an hour at ongame you have to be in 20 pots an hour at maximum rake level. say 70 games an hour at yr vpip u play 20 hands , u telling me all yr hand reach max rake. okie

can a mathmatical professor check my calcs and tell me if im off. i could be, as im not perfect.

i watched a few 2-4 games and rarely do pots get to thatlevel.

ever hear about the beardstown ladies, made famous by their supposed superior investing acumen in usa stock market. they said they achieved eye popping stock market return and evn wrote best selling book, i think. well someone actually ran thru their numbers and it was found they performed worst than the stock market average. which made sense as they were buying only stocks everybody else was buying. ant they werent great mkt timers either. just a bunch of misinformed

ps. mr this.

is 50% vpip acceptable if one is trying not to lose money playing. its great for bonus

and y r u clearing 9x ongame bonuse dont they have lots of 7x bonuses.
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