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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest

i know a guy like you who tries to give non real world examples to prove yr point.

full tilt and cake have dealt, ongame has contribution. please use their rates to convince me or others that they would be better off at ongame re bonus and rkbck.

[/ QUOTE ]
Sigh. I don't know much about your game/stakes (IE not just what they are, but how they play - pot sizes, etc), nor how you play, so I wouldn't be qualified to do so. I already posted my own numbers for Cake vs OnGame...OnGame clears almost twice as fast for me. FT is worse. For me, OnGame is best. Maybe it isn't for you. All I have been trying to get from you all this time is a concession that even if OnGame isn't the best bonus for you, it might be for other people.
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