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Default Re: Screen Writers Guild Strike?

Okay, I REALLY didn't want to hijack this thread. Honestly.

I know the o/u for "breaking in" (whatever that means) is five years. I've been writing for two years. Have five screenplays written, three of which I think are good, with more to come.

Like I said, I can't say how good they are because it's my work. There are only two people (both friends) with any type of experience in Hollywood (very little) and they said my first screenplay, which I invariably think is trash, was good. So I took it to mean that their thoughts aren't worth a plugged nickel.

I know how hard screenwriting is. Heck, I've been perfecting my craft for two years. It's incredibly difficult. But, it's also about who you know. If you don't network in this town you'll never make it anywhere, even if you are the next (insert uber-popular writer/director/actor name here).

At least I know my screenplays have zero spelling/grammatical errors lol.

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if yr script is really [censored] good u dont have to know anyone
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