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Default Re: why does this forum care so much about religion


Ship it! I'm an atheist, but I agree that the modern predominance of atheism in the intellectual community can make atheists unjustifiably dismissive of theists.

Anyone who starts to imagine that theism is "simplistic" or "unsophisticated" should just read Dostoevsky for a couple years straight. Thanks for the other book recommendations, I will look into them.

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Lol I knew I shouldn't have put the Kierkegaard on the list. Too popular. The first two were the ones that immediately came to mind when I read this thread, and they're both quick reads. Speech 1 in the Schleiermacher is really cool. Ya Dostoevsky is the [censored] man. Rebellion and The Grand Inquisitor in the Brothers Karamazov are such sick chapters.


Even more ridiculous, for obvious reasons, are theists telling other theists what theists believe. no?

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The point of religious thinking and writing is not merely to "tell other theists what theists believe", which is what you seem to be suggesting. Have you ever read and book (The End of Faith perhaps) and said "Yes, yes! The author is on to something here!"

What were you hoping would come out of reading your book list? That theists can't agree about the nature of god? heck, we can learn that walking around the neighborhood.

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No. If the point was that theists can't agree on the nature of God, then I could have listed any books, or, as you say, suggested that you simply walk around the neighborhood. I picked these particular books because of their specific content as it relates to this thread.
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