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Default Re: Upcoming PAD - Rivals Week ???

If you recall during the first season, Hellmuth and Sheiky really got into it and Hellmuth walked off the set. That is one rivalry.

Matusow and Negreanu have had a friendly rivalry for years. They're always in each other's face, and their appearances on High Stakes Poker when they've faced one another bear that out. They also met in the first round of the 2007 NHPC.

Laak and Esfandiari, of course, are self-explanatory. But Matusow and Hellmuth have also been rivals for years, as have Matusow and Sheikhan, like in the 2005 WSOP and when Sheiky broke Mikey's glasses during HSP3.

Regardless, it's a great line-up and you won't want to miss it. It's one of the most entertaining matches of the season.
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