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Default Re: Ask me about : coming out

also jay, i dont really have a problem w/ anything you've said in the thread, since it seems to mostly be good-natured kidding w/ kolo, and you havent been an obscenely ignorant bigot like H.M., or a moron like UAT

[/ QUOTE ]bigot? naw just republican/conservative and don't think guys [censored] guys is natural at all. again i repeat, anyone who defends gays is:

1) a girl
2) gay
3) a loser/nerd who always got picked on growing up

[/ QUOTE ]

care to explain why it's unnatural or wrong, besides the fact that you find it gross? Care to offer an intelligent reason (or at least an attempt at one) for you're oh-so-skillful profiling of people who don't hate homosexuals? Also FWIW the bolded is pretty much the word-for-word definition of a bigot.

[/ QUOTE ]

if it was natural, a man and another man could procreate, the lifeblood of our civilization, but they cant DUCY?!

seriously im not going to argue this, just let it be noted gay people are disgusting
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