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Default Re: Did this guy just put me to a decision?

That's a big PF reraise...the worst hand I see him having here is TT or JJ.

[/ QUOTE ]
I think the raise amount is pretty standard in that spot.

The biggest threat is that he has been 'unremarkable' and that this hasn't been a standard steal play for him, which makes me think he has a strong hand.

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In 30 hands, even a total agro donkey can be unremarkable. For all I know, this is the first time someone has tried to steal his blinds.


If I'd seen him do this a few times before, then I'm pushing 99+ and AQ+.

[/ QUOTE ]

If I had seen him do this a few times, I would be pushing with every hand I would open raise with, and it would be much wider than 99+, AQ+
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