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Default POSTING IN THIS FORUM (new posters....please read before posting)

It seems that lately there are a lot of posts that really do not belong in this forum.

ive moved 5 today and that is rather surprising.

so, if you are unsure of where to post or whether to post in the Higher Stakes Limit Forum, please consider the following:

high stakes is specifically for strategy discussion about hands and theory. furhter, this forum is for discussion of more advanced high limit hands and theory.

simple 30/60 hands should not go here despite being 30/60.

bad beat posts of ANY kind just do not go here.

general questions about game structure or similar topics do not go here.

rumors or questions about high limit players do not go here.

questions about "is my VPIP too low" or posts that whine about bad beats or simple hands do not go here.

there is a GENERAL texas holdem forum for a reason. same goes for News Views and Gossip. same for Brags Beats and Variance.

Please keep this forum in the shape we'd all like to to be. Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines.