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Default Re: Coming to France as permanent resident - help needed.

One info you may find interesting, There is a casino in Dinard that does poker and I heard a lot of players are "live", if you care for a 2 hour drive once in a while from Nantes.
There might be something closer, I tell you if I find out.

[/ QUOTE ]
Nice coincidence as I was there two days ago...

They opened two NL 2/4 tables (on a sunday night), 100 min, 4% rake uncapped. No dress code. The poker room is closed in october, will open again in november, adding STT and MTT starting from 100. But being a pro you may not like the inevitable crapshoot structure...

Didn't play, just watched the action, looked like my online NL2/NL10. Seen a guy calling a paired/flushed board with A high where other guy obv had something. Very loose and passive players, the game looked definetly weak.

Be careful also when choosing your bank, some are tricky with Neteller and Moneybookers. I heard HSBC is fine.
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