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Default Re: **** OFFICIAL Champions League 2007-08 Thread!*****

I think the result means we may bring in a few(maybe 1 or 2) players now that CL money is guaranteed.

[/ QUOTE ]

I hope they bring atleast one more, but without David Dein the board is full of [censored] who care too much about the business part of the team. And isn't too willing to part with much

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Arsenal are in fine financial shape, have made a profit from transfers this summer alone, and the board has always made funds available for Arsene. Just because Arsene opts not to spend lots of money on transfers, which is his general style since he has been manager, does not mean that the board does not care if Arsenal does well in the league or not. David Dein leaving Arsenal does not mean Arsenal will suddenly implode, Wenger has been and is far more important than Dein.
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