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Default Re: Limit Holdem: Following other cold callers.

Depends on if anyone that raised in early position was a great player or not. If two people raised in front of me I though had weak raising standards I would call with QKs, QQ-AA.

[/ QUOTE ]

AA and QQ are reraise hands, and two raisers is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a raiser and callers. I'm talking about hands, normally folded for two bets, that become more playable because of better pot odds.

For example, Miller addresses this point about small pairs. He says not to call for two bets unless you are almost certain of at least five way action.

Now, I'm not talking about five way action, but I was thinking there might be a few hands that become playable when only one, or perhaps a couple of people have called the raise ahead of you.
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